President’s Message

presidentWe began our activities in mining sector in 2013 by taking over Mintek Mining Inc. We are quite new in this  sector, still our aims are high. In order to enrich ores produced in Çirişli and Gökoğlan pits in Erzurum, we are building concentrators in the same regions which will start to production in 2014. We believe that this investment will supply employment and exchange for our country and will supplement remarkable welfare to society. In our mining investment, we progress by following scientific development and by caring technology, occupational safety, energy efficiency and environment scientific development. In the taft period that we globally pass through, we expect harder competitive environment. Still, as Barakat Group, I believe that we will survive this period successfully and gaining power thanks to our belief in our country. During this period, we will continue to add value to our society and our country.

Sincerely Yours,
Bereket Kadiri